Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I have always felt I have been able to communicate with spirits, even as a small child. I just didn't realize what they were at the time. I like so many people, thought that the voices I heard or the shadows I saw were just my mind playing tricks on me..... until the night my grandmother passed away.

I was asleep in my bed when my mother woke me to inform me the sad news of my grandmother's passing. The only thing I remember my mother telling me is that she passed away in her sleep. My mother left me shortly after telling me because she had to leave to meet with the rest of the family. 
As I was left alone to deal with my emotions on the matter, I began to cry. I remeber sitting on my bed crying none stop thinking that I didn't get a chance to say good bye. Then a warm calming feeling came over me. I stop crying, laid down and a voice told me that she is always with me. I could feel her hugging me as I fell back to sleep......and to this day I still feel her. My grandmother is the one that helps me connect with your loved ones.

That is when I fully understood what I could do. I am still learning and with each reading that I do, the more open I become.

I love helping people connect with their loved ones. Helping them see that the ones they love aren't really gone at all...that they are always with us.

So the next time you are feeling sad and lonely or have something great happen and wish that you had someone special to share it with just remeber that you do..... always :)

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